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Welcome to Ken's RV-8 website and builder's log.

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Project Status - Sold.

Current Status: Wings - Building ailerons.

Total Hours: 623.5 (as of 12/4/2007)

Latest Entry: 9/8/08



I'm building a Van's Aircraft RV-8. It is a two person, tandem seat fixed gear aluminum aircraft that will be able to go 200 MPH. I'm hoping to be flying within 4 years, but that isn't really important. I fully expect to enjoy this project as much as I'll enjoy flying it.

Why an RV-8?

Years ago, I considered building a Lancair 360, and while they make an excellent kit, the complexity of retractable gear along with the hours and hours of sanding fiberglass made me look for an all metal, fixed gear aircraft.

I'm not sure where I found Vans' website, but I knew immediately that the RV-8 was the airplane for me. It's an all aluminum, tandem two seat airplane that can be powered up to 200HP. I will be using a lightweight 185HP engine to save weight and money. The slight loss of overall performance is an acceptable tradeoff for me. I will be building the conventional gear version which has a tail wheel instead of a nosewheel. This is purely an asthetic choice on my part since there is virtually no performance difference between the two.

The huge bubble canopy, high speed, and (mild) aerobatic ability make this a true "Total Performance" aircraft.

The Plan (Updated: 1/11/07) -

Who am I?

I"m just a regular guy with a dream. I consider myself a relatively mechanically competent person, but the idea of building an airplane is quite overwhelming. I expect this project to be the most difficult, trying, and rewarding thing I've ever done.

I welcome anyone who wants to come and take a look at my project - but don't be suprised if I put you to work!

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